Welcome to The South African Motor Club Association
Aims and Objectives of SAMCA.

To promote and improve co-operation between Member Clubs.

To act on behalf of its Member Clubs in making representation to Government, Provincial, Municipal and other authorities, organizations, official bodies or persons, both local and foreign in order to gain official recognition, special concessions and other benefits for the Member Clubs.

To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all branches and to encourage Member Clubs to organize and hold all kinds of driving tests, competitions, reliability trails, speed trails, hill climbs, runs, excursions, displays and other events for motoring vehicles.

To advise, co-operate and negotiate and maintain cordial relations with any official body controlling motor sport, whether Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage Classic or general motor sport and whether in South Africa or beyond its borders.

To promote and encourage the preservation and enjoyment of all vehicles within the jurisdiction of the Member Clubs.

To promote and encourage road courtesy and good driving habits in Members.

To investigate and promote any activities that may further the aims and objectives of the Association and/or enhance benefits of membership thereof.
How it all Started

Many years ago, a few motoring buffs sat staring into their beers bemoaning the fact that competitive events were only being granted to the vested interests, and it wasn't fair etc. As usual sobriety brought apathy and although the problem was assigned to the backs of people’s minds tentative things started to happen.

The MG Car Clubs, scattered around the country felt a need to pull themselves together and started on the road to a National body. This they have successfully accomplished and today the countrywide affairs of the clubs are looked after by the MG Car Club Combined Southern African Centres.

At about the same time several inter-club activities were started; The AHCSA National Concours; The Alfa Maseru Gymkhana week-end; The 4 club Martini Quiz Trophy and the MG/AIM Gymkhana at Bapsfontein.

All of these events, together with many members' membership of the Historic Racing Car Register has produced a community happy to do their things either together or apart.

In April this year the MGCCCSAC, flushed with its own success, decided to call a meeting of known one Marque car clubs to test the degree of enthusiasm for an Association to look after the interests of these clubs.

On the 5th of May this meeting was held at Norman Ewing's home and was attended by the representatives of 11 clubs. The consensus of the meeting was that there was a need for such a body as none of the existing organisations could or would accommodate us.

The main points to come out of this gathering were -

Clubs must maintain their own identities,
Cordial relationships must be built with other motoring bodies,
The Association must be a coordinator not an organiser,
That membership should be available to all Marque clubs and that snobbish attitudes should be discouraged!

To cut a .long story short, an inaugural meeting was called for the 20th August at the President Hotel and this was attended by the following clubs:­

Alfa Romeo Club of SA
Austin-Healey Club of SA
Jaguar Club of SA
Historic Lotus Register
Lancia Owners Club
MG Car Club Combined SA Centres
Porsche Club of SA
SA Morgan Owners Group
Sunbeam Sports Car Club
Triumph Sports Car Club

The Constitution which had been sent to all clubs was approved by the gathering, all present were deemed to qualify as founder members and the Association was formed. Norman Ewing (MG) was appointed Chairman, Howard Jacobs (Alfa) treasurer and Bruce Caw (AHCSA) secretary.

Briefly the aims are to:-

a) Promote and improve co-operation between member Clubs,
b) Act on behalf of its members in gaining concessions and recognition from local and overseas organisations and various government bodies,
c) Promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all forms by encouraging Member clubs to organise a wide variety of events,
d) Advise, co-operate with and maintain cordial relations with all bodies controlling motoring activities,
e) Promote and encourage the preservation and enjoyment of the vehicles of the various Clubs,
f) Promote and encourage road courtesy and good driving habits,
g) Investigate and promote any activities that may further the aims or improve the benefits of the Association.


Good starts have been made in several directions and more news will be reported as it comes to hand. In the meantime our delegates, Wally and Bruce with help from Richard Hulse are in the thick of things.

AHCSA is proud to be a Founder member and wishes SAMCA every success!

Bruce Caw
The South African Motor Club Association


A collective association for individual motor car clubs to share enthusiasm, ideas and resources.
Marque, single and multi-model car clubs are invited to join and share in the spirit of camaraderie of fine motoring.